Non-therapeutic circumcision of healthy boys unethical and violation of children’s rights

On March 25, 2017 the Danish Nurses Organisation declared non-therapeutic circumcision of healthy boys unethical and a direct violation of children’s rights according to the UN convention.
The nurses organisation join a long list of Danish Health- and Children’s Rights organisations, which have all called for an end to the tradition of genital cutting of healthy male minors (female genital cutting has been banned for years).

A number of political parties have also called for the introduction of an 18 year age limit. An initiative which is supported by 87% of the population of Denmark.

~Intact Denmark – Forening mod omskæring af børn, Lena Nyhus, Director.

Dansk Sygeplejeråd: Omskæring af mindreårige i strid med menneskerettighederne


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