How Can This Be Happening?

This page arose from a message on the Baby Center message board on May 22, 2003 from “boymaker”. It is reported at The original page is no longer functioning:

“Had quite a conversation last night with an ob nurse and another mother on my sons baseball team. …

The topic of “procedures” after birth came up and how violent things pattern the brain. The ob nurse had quite a few things to say about hospital policy and what they are advised to tell parents after a circ. They are not allowed at any time to say “poor baby” after a circ. Not in front of the dr’s or parents. They are not allowed to make the parents or dr’s feel responsible for the pain an infant male must endure. They are told when they bring the baby back to his mother to say either “What a good baby. He didn’t make a peep.” Or “What an angel. He slept the whole time.You have a very happy baby on your hands.” They think this will make an uncomfortable situation better. I asked if she has ever seen a baby actually sleep through a circ. She looked at me as though I was crazy. “Of course not.” Have you ever seen a baby not cry at all? “No.”

She had also seen numerous “bad” circs over the years and wonders how they turned out.Sometimes at the first diaper change afterward the mothers are very distraught at what they see. It’s obvious it’s not a little snip. And in the cases of a botched job they’ll ask “Is it supposed to look like this?” In which [case] she is to respond “Oh everything looks fine. It will heal up in a day or two.” Even though she knows it is not fine.

I was shocked! Now I know why people come on this board and say “You are crazy. My son didn’t even cry.”

By the way her son is NOT circ’d.

How is this happening? No wonder Marilyn Milos got fired for telling her patients the TRUTH. No wonder the nurses in Santa Fe had to take legal action to become conscientous objectors to not attend circ. How can this still be happening? It makes me mistrust the medical field even more than before. How do we ever know what is right for our children if we don’t dig up the facts ourselves?”