Videos of Nurse-Intactivists

Jessica Rigdon, RN, speaks powerfully about her experience viewing a circumcision for the first time in nursing school, and what it led to in her marriage and her life. Experiencing the gut-wrenching barbarism of watching a circumcision in nursing school was for many nurses the beginning of a path to advocacy for the body autonomy rights of children.

Marilyn Milos, the compassionate nurse who founded NOCIRC, the National Organization of Circumcision Info and Resource Centers, speaks of her early motivations, influences, and remembers humanist Ashley Montagu.

Gillian Longley, R.N. discusses her perspective on infant circumcision from her vantage point as a neonatal nurse. (Part 1)

Gillian Longley, R.N. discusses her perspective on infant circumcision from her vantage point as a neonatal nurse. (Part 2)

Sheila Curran, R.N. recalls the events that led to her making the video “Informed Consent” documenting infant circumcision. Sheila is one of the founding members of NOCIRC, National Organization of Circumcision Information and Resource Centers.

Jaqueline Maire R.N. questions women who sexually mutilate boys.

Tora Spigner RN MSN discusses personal observations and experiences around infant circumcision that informed her advocacy for genital integrity rights for all children.

Neonatal nurse Gillian Longley is opposed to circumcision and has made it her life’s mission to educate about the function of the foreskin and care of the intact penis. This trailer is set to the music of the circus opera “It’s a Boy!” by Betty Katz Sperlich RN, one of the founders of Nurses for the Rights of the Child. You can listen to more of the music from “It’s a Boy!” at:

Excerpt from “The Nurses of St. Vincent Say No!”

Carole Alley RN, Betty KatzSperlich RN and Patricia Worth RN

This scene from the documentary, “Intactivist History” features registered nurse Jacqueline Maire discussing her outrage upon witnessing the forced circumcision of a child and her actions to educate to help stop it.

Family physician Michelle Storms MD speaks about her experience as a conscientious objector to circumcision, including discussing harrasment by other health professionals. An inspiring and empowering video for all health professionals.

A nursing student’s video project on patient advocacy on the issue of circumcision.

Registered Nurse Shares Thoughts About Circumcision

While training to be a registered nurse Robbie T, RN (Rob Tsvetkov, RN) witnessed a baby boy’s healthy penis being cut (circumcised). So disgusted by what he saw he has since worked to educate parents on the functions of the foreskin, and the harm of circumcision.

Robbie works through End Routine Infant Circumcision: 

Nursing students Breanna de Groot, Emily Gage and Kira Antinuk bring the discussion of genital autonomy and human rights to visitors of the Victoria Pride Festival.

Kira Antinuk is one of the founders of The Children’s Health & Human Rights Partnership (CHHRP), Canada’s first dedicated not-for-profit partnership of medical, legal, and ethics professionals working alongside concerned citizens towards ending forced non-therapeutic genital cutting of children in Canada.

Canadian student nurse Kira Antinuk wins ethics award

Kira Antinuk discusses events that prompted her to research circumcision and then pursue a nursing career. Antinuk’s essay, “Forced genital cutting in North America: Feminist theory and nursing considerations” was published in the September issue (20: 723-728) of Nursing Ethics. She was the winner of the Paul Wainwright Nursing Ethics Student Essay Prize 2013!

Kira is Nursing Director for the Children’s Health & Human Rights Partnership:

and CHHRP’s YouTube channel:

Dolores Sangiuliano RN explains why ethical nurses must refuse to participate in neonatal circumcision.


Canadian nurse says male circumcision is like excision of the clitoris. (Note: This is in French)

Nurse Kira Antinuk gives a feminist critique and her perspective on circumcision as well as her 13-year long involvement in the movement to promote equal genital autonomy for all children.

“As a nurse, I feel like it’s important to speak out against this because I feel it’s highly unethical to do this procedure on non-consenting minors without any cause. There’s no diagnosis.” ~Jessi Shrable LPN talks about intactivism in Arkansas.

A Chicago nurse describes the horror and insanity of hospital circumcisions. She told me that babies cry for days afterwards. She said, “Complications occur frequently…. Very few babies lie there quietly sucking on their pacifier. Most of them are screaming. I don’t want to watch it. I was asked to learn to do the procedure, and I said, ‘No, there’s no way I would do this.’ She told me off-camera that it was often the fathers demanding the surgery, and she witnessed them arguing with the new mothers about it. The fathers usually won the argument.

Patricia’s intact grandson is two years old, “never a problem,” she said. It was her information that persuaded his parents to keep him intact. She was horrified by the idea of forced retraction, and well aware of proper care of an intact baby. Please warn your own friends to educate themselves. They can’t rely on the doctors or the hospital, or even the nurses, for this vital information. Your Whole Baby has excellent basic care instructions at…